Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Love in the Air at Peabody Essex Museum

Andy and Tammy are such a romantic couple - they are both wonderfully bright and optimistic and happy and in love, they are truly a joy to spend time with! I'm certain this is how their family and friends felt on the big day.

The happy bride, the gorgeous dress:

Sometimes I feel like the wedding guests just radiate joy and love for a couple, and we definitely felt this during Andy and Tammy's first dance:

The ketubah signing before the ceremony:

Check out Andy's stylin' necktie:

How about another kiss! (That's an inside joke... Andy and Tammy teased Matt at their engagement session because he likes to say that)

The centerpieces were clustered of tall vases overflowing with fresh flowers in shades of purple, green, and white.

Tammy loves butterflies so it was serendipitous that the museum atrium was decorated with origami butterflies.

Thank you Andy and Tammy for inviting us to be part of your big day! We are so happy that you have found each other.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kelley & Richard

It's always an honor and incredibly flattering to photograph weddings for other artists. Richard Esposito is an Emmy award winning video editor and an awesome wedding photographer. I actually never met Richard until the night before the wedding, and am so glad to have finally become friends. He and Kelley are a blast to spend time with. They were having the times of their lives for a second time... meaning that this was their second wedding. They both love San Diego, so they invited their immediate family and closest friends to SD for an amazingly beautiful and intimate wedding that was photographed by good friend Chris Humphreys. About 3 weeks later they held an east coast reception and invited about 170 friends and family. Just like the Marantz's wedding I shot with DJ last year, this wedding dance floor was hopping with pros with their gear.

Kelley and Richard

I love it when my shutter catches other peoples flash and gives this cool harsh lighting, especially when the action is great.

Kelley and her dad having an emotional dance

Kelley and Richard snuggling on the dance floor

Hey Rich, put down the camera and dance!!

They say if you dance you will live a long happy life - count Kelley in!

Here come a few shots of my good friends and fellow photogs from CT. These next three so much fun to hang with it almost makes me want to leave Boston and move south. If the Celtics and Sox ever move to Ct I just might go.

Paul and Krystal



Here I am at the end of the night with Richard, Carla, and Kelley

I had so much fun, thank you Kelley and Richard for asking me to document your east coast affair. It was an honor.

Monday, June 16, 2008

First Family Camping Trip

Enna and I took the boys camping for the first time this week and we had a blast. We reserved a cabin at Mohawk Trail campgrounds, a smart choice with a 2 and 4 year old, especially with the heat wave we had. Luckily we had a thunder and lightning storm roll through one night and cool things off. Our agenda was pretty simple, let the boys play at the river, visit Mass MoCA, and roast marsh mellows. I bought Ollie and Will some fishing poles but did not expect Ollie to figure out how to cast. With in about 20 minutes he was casting his rubber fish at least 50 feet and in Ollie heaven! Will could get his fish to drop and then reel it in and quickly went back to throwing rocks. Jackson, who is just over a year old, tried desperately to catch the moving water in his mouth, and learned how to swim. Once he realized he could swim we couldn't throw the sticks fast and far enough for him.

We also had a little furry visitor that was begging for food. His first visit happened while I was at the camp alone with Ollie napping and I was able to quickly snap this shot before scaring him off. The second time he came he scared Enna and she practically jumped out of her pants:) We spent a good hour trying to get him to leave, but sadly he is used to people feeding him. Jackson showed his loyalty by chasing him up a tree. We thought he had finally left and we turned off our lights to enjoy the campfire. Then Jackson growled and I pointed my flash light towards the woods and the bear was just about 20 feet from us. He and I had a shouting/growling match at one point and when I tried to chase him off he'd just climb up a tree. I wish people were smart enough to know that they are putting this cute little guys life in danger when they feed him.

The Mohawk Tribe Memorial

Our cabin for the week.

Ollie loving his fishing rod

Will playing peek-a-boo

Enna and Will

Will practicing his "look"

Our master rock thrower

Water dog!

The cutest bear I've ever encountered, but also very stubborn

Ollie at a Mass MoCA exhibit

My mini-me

Ollie napping on the cabin porch

Jackson swimming as far as I could throw the stick

Great games in LA, but a tough loss last night.

Last night was another great come back for the Celtics. Unfortunately the Lakers forced a game 6, fortunately it will be in Boston! I will be shocked if LA wins game 6. The Celtics have been playing like champions, Paul Pierce had two amazing games in LA and now will have the home court advantage. One thing that I couldn't help noticing is how different these teams are on the bench. Phil Jackson sits most of the game and so do his players, while Doc Rivers is pacing and the Celtics are standing and cheering. I can't recall ever seeing a team sit so much during playoffs. Not that I think there is anything wrong with it. The Lakers are amazing and play a great game, I just find it odd. Lets hope they are able to get some rest before Tuesday. If they win (I don't want to jinx them) I can't wait to see who gets play-off MVP - Pierce or Allen - both are playing amazing ball.

Enna and I took the boys camping last week and had a wedding and an engagement shoot this weekend. So we are finally back in the office and will be catching up on the blog over the next few days.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day - Celtic Pride is Back!

My parents understood the potential waste of time that tv can be. When I was kid we had a tv, but no cable or antenna, instead we had a VCR. But when the Celtics season approached the playoffs my dad would have the cable turned on so we could cheer on our favorite team. When the finals were over he would promptly call the cable company and have it turned off again. Going to the old Garden was also an experience in itself. I remember the obstructed view seats and the view from the top balcony where you were victim to the cloud of haze from the humidity trapped inside and could easily leave as sweaty as the players. After graduating high school and moving out my parents house I have never been one to want cable. In our house we have a nice flat screen tv with surround sound (I love good action films), but I only pay the minimun $8/month for cable so I can watch the local news and The Office:) It is tough not being able to watch the Red Sox at home, but luckily baseball is fun to listen to on the radio. I had the chance to see this years Celtics play with my dad, but unfortunately he forgot to check my calendar before he bought tickets and I was booked for an event that night (my life story).

So tonight, on fathers day 2008, we have the opportunity to watch the Celtics win their first World Championship in 22 years. Luckily for me it's on basic cable. So tonight I'll be sitting on the couch with the lights off, enjoying a Sam Adam's, wearing my "Beat LA" shirt, and having on and off phone calls with my dad and bro. Many people are hoping they loose so they can win the championship at home. That would be fun, nothing beats a home court celebration, but after the loss of the Superbowl I think Boston is more than anxious for a victory tonight.

The amazing 1986 Celtics

Time for the captain's 10 year pay off!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Oanh and Patrick

Here's another engagement session from our trip to New York. We knew Patrick and Oanh would be a blast to work with when they came to our home with all of Oanh's family in tow... we can't wait to be part of their big day!

The 72nd Street section of Central Park is a great place for portraits - we found lots of cool architectural and natural backdrops for their pictures. I had a lot of fun shooting through the cherry blossoms.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Jill and Allen

Hooray we're finally ready to share photos from our New York City engagement sessions! First I'm going to post a few favorites from Jill and Allen's shoot. These two are such romantics, I know they're going to be a lot of fun on their wedding day.