Monday, November 20, 2006

Sweet as Honey

Yay - Honey from Lotus Design sent us this goreous bouquet today! She did the flowers for Paul and Lesley's wedding. You can't tell from this little pic taken with my cell phone, but this bouquet is gigantic! Thank you Honey, you rock!

Goodbye Bobbie Boom

It's the end of an era: Ollie has finally learned how to say "Bob the Builder"... we have grown so attached to his previous pronunciation "Bobby Boom". Here are Ollie and Will in their Halloween Costumes:

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Let Me Eat Cake!

After a long year of dining on cheerios, rice, and chicken, and the occasional irresistable slice of wedding cake, I finally had surgery yesterday to remove my gall bladder. After Baby No. 2, I learned that I have gall bladder disease, which prevented me from comfortably eating any kind of fat or oil, or worst of all: WEDDING CAKE! It affects a surprising number of women after they have babies, though it affects men too.

Yesterday I finally learned what people talk about when they say that they "fell in love" with their anesthesiologist. Mine was aptly named Matt and offered cocktails aplenty along with good humor and warmth that completely put me at ease. The surgery is a very routine procedure, and fortunately I'm actually feeling pretty good already, but sssh don't tell Matt... I'm hanging out on the couch with movies and snacks and flowers and it's nice to be waited on like this!

- Enna

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Q: What is this year's hottest Halloween party theme?

A: The 80s style PROM.

Matt photographed two proms for WFNX last week, one in Portsmouth and one in Boston... And our friend Cassandra did stellar make-up for her buddy in DC and that girl was crowned Prom Queen!

What will next year bring???

View Portsmouth Prom pictures here.

View Boston Prom pictures here.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Two-career relationships... hard knocks?

I was at a Pink Conference for Influential Women in Business yesterday when someone mentioned an article in Forbes online magazine entitled “Don’t Marry Career Women”. With a title like that I had to look it up – after all many of our clients [seem to] happily exist with each partner working. The article by Michael Noer presents a pretty bleak outlook for anyone considering marrying a working woman, predicting divorce, a messy house, lower “value” of the marriage on the part of both partners, cheating, and general unhappiness... Yikes! Fortunately Noer’s colleague at Forbes Elizabeth Corcoran hastily posted her rebuttal entitled “Don’t Marry a Lazy Man”.

The tone of Noer’s article was entirely upstaged for me by the positive and inspiring women who spoke at the Pink Conference. Each of these women is successful in balancing career, marriage or partnership, and children. A summary of my favorite points made by the speakers:

Set aside time for yourself
Outsource as many tasks as you can
Be true to yourself
Make difficult decisions using the ten year rule: “will I regret doing this/not doing this in 10 years?”