Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween on Fletcher Street

"I can open that for you"... Will's not going to fall for that line - he waited for mom to open it. Matt's shooting pics for the WFNX 1987 Prom, and I stayed home to trick or treat with the boys. It has to be about the best Halloween ever - after visiting a few houses the neighbors across the street gave me a really yummy glass of wine which I savored while Ollie and Will sampled their spoils.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh, you're one of THOSE kids...

One of my favorite assignments is the school portrait day at Mosaic School. This year it was even more exciting due to the fact that I got to make Ollie's first school portrait! I can only spend so much time with each kid, and sometimes it's hard to get them to smile so after shooting several frames I have to just move on to the next child. When it was Ollie's turn, I found myself trying to get a perfect smile out of him, and then decided to just let it go and treat him just the way I treat all the other kids... that's when he stuck his tongue out at me. Some kids have what I call the Reflex: it's a totally spontaneous reaction to professional photographers, and even if has never been seen before it will manifest itself on school picture day. I swear Ollie never stuck his tongue at us when we were taking his picture until this exact moment!

Happy Trails Krista!

We are so lucky to have met Krista! She's been our studio manager for a year, and has been a great addition to our team the whole time! Krista is now going out on her own, to pursue her own work. She is incredibly dedicated, talented, and fun, and we can't wait to see what is in store for her next. Thank you Krista for contributing so much to our business and our lives - we love you!

Krista left yesterday for her trip to Zimbabwe - be sure to read about her adventures on her blog!

Here's a shot Krista took of Matt and I working at Jason and Bryce's wedding (yuck: I'm so happy that I've gotten my hair cut since then LOL!!!). She got a lot of really fabulous pictures of Jason and Bryce too, here's one of my favorite Krista shots from the day:

Jason & Bryce ... simply beautiful!

Jason and Bryce's day was - amazingly - our only rainy wedding of this season, and even so it cleared up during their ceremony. Despite a few minor mishaps Bryce and Jason had a grand time, and the whole day was a blast for us to photograph.

The fabulous Kate Parker provided gorgeous event design, and the reception was housed in one of Banks amazing tents.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Home, New Office

As we wrap up the edits on our most recent weddings and portraits, we're also packing up to move! Our telephone numbers have changed:

617-323-8718 tel
617-327-8728 fax

And our street address too - so please email us if you need to update your address book!

Matt's busy painting the new office space which is going to be TOTALLY beautiful. We can't wait to share it with you! Here are some before pics, and we're going to send a prize (yes you read right, a PRIZE) to the person who gives us the very BEST decorating tip or idea for our new space! Keep in mind that our business colors are chocolate, sage, leaf green, and yellow ocher. The walls will not be green like you see in these pictures... the walls & ceiling are getting painted white and pale brown.

Meredith & Jeff... a wedding with a personal touch

Meredith and Jeff's wedding at Overbrook House was filled with special details and their unique personal touch. How many couples get a Zydeco band for their ceremony and reception??? From the moment they kissed until the city's noise ordinance shut them down, Meredith and Jeff danced to the delightful soulful music of The Colbys.

I absolutely loved all the splashes of color, from Meredith's shoes to her hairpins to the ribbons and cake and napkins at the reception. In fact, their cake has to be one of the most beautiful we have ever seen!

Congratulations Meredith and Jeff!

Edit: almost forgot the shoes! Photoshop is batch processing right now, so you'll just
have to accept this snapshot rather than a nifty logo-stamped version!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

waiting for daddy

I DID IT! I figured out how to blog from my treo... the boys and I are sitting in the car outside south station waiting for Matt. He's had an exciting weekend visiting with photo pals and event planners in NYC. The boys meanwhile can't wait to tell him about sleeping in our new house, our TWO pregnant friends (yay!), and Ollie's new favorite passtime: chatting with our new neighbors across the fence.:-D

South Station

Monday, October 15, 2007

Doing it Right - Justin and Mary Tie the Knot!

Justin and Mary Marantz (formerly Mary Bess), good friends and fellow wedding photographers, got married this past weekend and asked me to second shoot with David Jay. I didn't find out till 2 days before that Becker would also be joining us and what a blast it was to hang with these 2 respected west coast photographers. Sara Barlow from Chicago also joined in on the fun.

Justin brought this old 4x5 camera and I couldn't resist creating this image of Justin with the groomsmen. The old camera is on the pavement and I focused on the viewing glass.

Aren't these the ultimate cufflinks for photographers? Justin special ordered them from a store in London, and gave them as gifts to his groomsmen.

Check out how excited Mary is to say "I DO!!!!"

Here are some of the shots I got during the portraits. Working next to DJ and Becker was incredibly fun and it was cool to see how they work.

Cameras were everywhere! The groom's cake was shaped like a camera, the guest list was comprised mainly of pro-photographers with their own cameras, even the place-cards had cameras.

Thank you J&M for asking me to be such a part of your day. Your families are beautiful and I loved meeting all the CT PUG-ers! I wish I could have stayed later to party. See you this weekend in NYC!

Go Sox!

12 minutes till game time!

Believe it or not, Ollie sat on top of the washing machine for 45 minutes tonight, watching the clock hands move!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Winnings... should I spend it all in one place?

I just grabbed the box that my WPJA trophy was sent in, to pack some kitchen things, and imagine how excited I was to find a check in the bottom of the box! I was so excited to be recognized for shooting a cool image, that I forgot there was prize money involved!

Now, if only I could find a check inside every box as we pack up to move...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Sarah & Noam - Celebration

Sarah and Noam's day was exuberant and reflective, full of reverence and joy. Noam acts like a serious guy, but Matt caught this great shot of him having a good belly laugh at the beginning of the day.

Sarah's dress was covered top to bottom with lace. Simply gorgeous! She found time to pray after her veiling, and I love how the veil creates such an ethereal atmosphere around the prayerbook.

There were some pretty good antics at the dance party, but this guy's flexibility topped it all. I love the posture of the woman in the foreground - her expression is a mystery, but Sarah and Noam's and the other guests' faces say it all: amusement, wonder, awe...

Congratulations you two - we wish you many happy years together!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


We've tried out a ton of names over the last few days, but as his personality blossoms the names don't stick! Pinny, the name given by the shelters, is not quite strong enough. Today we're calling him Jackson, and it seems to be a good fit. What do you think?

A partial list of names we've rejected, so far:

PS - that's a photo from my cell phone... poor puppy suffers from 3rd child syndrome... he's been home 2 days and we still haven't taken a real photo of him!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Joanne and Josh

Josh and Joanne had a beautiful wedding. Everything took place at the Temple Mishkan Tefila which seems to have a great layout for managing a crowd's "flow". Our favorite kosher caterer Andrew provided the food - ALWAYS quite delicious and beautiful, and his catering staff are the nicest we've ever met. Josh and Joanne's thoughtfulness and elegant taste was apparent in all the details of the day, from the unique woodsy floral arrangements to the fill-your-own-bag jelly bean table that guests passed when they left the party. Congratulations Joanne and Josh!