Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We've Retired! (... from blogger)

Thanks Blogger - you have served us well... but we were ready for a facelift!!!

Lauren & Steve

For Lauren and Steve's engagement shoot they suggested something a little different. They suggested going to the elementary school they both attended:) These two are total love birds who dated in school and through college and are now planning an amazing wedding at the Granite Links Golf Club and have Gabrielle Stone planning the event. We hit the playground, were denied access to the inside of school simply because it was locked up and empty, and then went to the nearby pond for the sunset. Lauren and Steve are having Enna design one of her custom guest books with images from this shoot and it is going to rock!

St.John, Virgin Islands

After Ann and Todds wedding we hopped on the ferry for a short stay at St. John's. All I can say is WOW! We loved this Island! We stayed at Maho Bay in a wood frame tent on the hill side on one one of the most amazing beaches in the world. Just off our beach we found sting rays, nurse sharks, an octopus, and sea turtles. Ollie almost went snorkeling - he didn't actually put his face under water:) Will loved the wild life, and Enna and I soaked in as much sun as we could. Here are a handful of images from the trip.

Nanna enjoying some time on the beach with the boys

Will loves animals and was not afraid to have birds on him

Will even feed the sting rays at the aquarium

Enna and Ollie looking for sting rays

The many steps from the beach to our tent

Ms Lucy's!! By chance we ended up at this amazing restaurant for their traditional full moon pig roast. Good food, good music, amazing location.

Will does not like to have his picture taken:)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Ann & Todd's Caribbean Wedding

Enna's mom remarried about 15 years ago. I'm sure she'll be quick to email me the exact number of years after I've posted this blog entry:) So we have only been able to meet Enna's step-brother Todd a few times since the marriage. When he invited us to his St. Thomas wedding I offered my photography as a wedding gift. There were only 16 of us total at the wedding, and for a guy who goes to one or two weddings a week with 150-300 guests at each, this was a nice change of pace!

I have only met Todd once before. He is a spitting image of his dad, in every way: Great guy! So for the months leading up to the wedding Todd humored himself with my curiosity about Ann's dress and what he was going to wear. Hey, this is what I do:) He was pretty excited to have us come and maybe even more excited to entertain Ollie and Will as he quickly booked us seats on a submarine tour (unfortunately it was canceled due to low visibility). Our planes landed at the same time and we by chance met up at the luggage carousel.

Ann, who we had never met or spoken to, is awesome. Congratulations Todd, you've got yourself a great woman! She has a great sense of humor and lives for the moment. During the days leading up to the wedding we'd meet for drinks at the resort bar and as soon as the topic of the photo shoot came up she said... "I'm going into the water with my dress!" Later she reasoned to her mom "It's disposable," simply meaning that she was only going to wear it once, so why not have fun!

Ann and Todd had a beautiful ceremony at Secret Harbour on Thomas. It rained a bit during the ceremony and about half way through when the officiant asked if they wanted to run for shelter they both grinned and said "no thanks".

Let it rain Ann and Todd :) But first there was some beautiful sun

Here is Ollie photographing his first wedding:) Unfortunately he didn't take any photos, he just liked watching dad work:) But he got a kick out of holding the flowers

Will crashed hard just before the ceremony

The next night Todd treated us all to a sunset dinner cruise. Guess who brought her dress!! Just before dinner they changed back into their wedding attire and literally took the plunge! We then hopped in the dinghy and went ashore for some shots with them soaking wet.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Noelle & Dane at the Charles Hotel

Noelle and Dane were such a great couple to photograph for the kick off of our New England wedding season! We wrote about their love for Cambridge on their engagement blog post, and we had a great time in Harvard Square photographing their wedding day at the Charles Hotel. The dance floor was rockin due to the great sound of Night Shift. Check out these fun shots from the day.