Saturday, April 28, 2007

Old Friends

Our good friend Laura Klein suddenly became 7 months pregnant ;) and asked me to cover a wedding for her. The beautiful bride, Lisa, is actually a friend I hadn't seen in about 4 years. I can not say enough good things about the family and friends I met that night. It was an honor to be able to help out Laura, see Lisa, and have Justin Marantz along as my second shooter.

Here are a couple of Justin's shots:

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hannah's Big Day

We're putting the finishing touches on Hannah's bat mitzvah photos - she had a fabulous party put on by her parents and Twist Events. Congratulations Hannah!

Monday, April 23, 2007

April Fool Baby

Here are pictures from our most recent newborn portrait arrival, Tate Alexander. Isn't he gorgeous??? His mom received a gift certificate from a generous group of friends for maternity and newborn portraits... we scheduled the maternity session perfectly, just a couple of weeks before Tate was born - big brother Max came to the maternity session, but he wasn't home when I visited for Tate's 1-day-old pictures.

Tate and his family were all lovely models, so much that I found myself wishing that I could have photographed Cara and Marc's wedding too because they were so warm and happy in front of my camera. Welcome to the world, Tate! You have a great family!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Weekley Read: Adobe Lightroom

We are incorporating the new Adobe Lightroom into our workflow. We're excited about all of the capabilities that the folks at Adobe wrote into this application. Aside from helping us simplify and streamline our image archiving and categorization process, Lightroom has some pretty nifty editing tricks up its sleeve, such as spot removal, individual color and hue adjusters, lens vignetting, and quick web galleries. Scott Kelby makes the best resource books for quickly looking up a tool or technique in Photshop, and we are eagerly anticipating his Lightroom tutorial. Pre-order your copy here (due to be released March 29):

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Taste of Spring

We were joined for dinner the other night by wedding photographers extraordinaire Justin Marantz and Mary Bess of Imagine Imaging. We spent the evening talking about our businesses and getting to know each other over a fabulous meal at Ten Tables - one of Boston's very best restaurants right in the heart of Jamaica Plain. At Ten Tables they always surprise you right when you sit down with a yummy morsel from the kitchen - it wakes up the palate and lets you know that you're in for something really special. Our yummy pre-ordering morsel was a shot glass with a sip of chilled cucumber soup, which concealed a little bite of grapefruit ice. This mouthful was a most pleasantly surprising combination of flavors and embodied the anticipation of spring!

Justin and Mary are a delightful couple, a perfect match really, and they are planning their wedding for this fall! We would love to be their wedding photographers, but they've already hired one of the real leaders in our industry. We'll have to give DJ a call and see if we can 2nd shoot with him!

Well, it might be wishful thinking, but spring really is right around the corner! Matt and Ollie had ticket's to Thursday's Red Sox game which was unfortunately rained out. Matt was really excited about taking O to his first Red Sox game, and to commemorate the occasion he had a T-shirt custom made for Ollie!

Now, the question is, should Matt order a new shirt when Ollie really does get to go to his first game? Or should he just cross out the date and seat and write the new info on this shirt???

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dinner with Andy Paige

I got to have dinner with Andy Paige on Tuesday night! In case you don't know who she is, Andy is a celebrity beauty and style consultant. She's on tv now and then, and she also is available for personal makeover sessions. I am totally intrigued by her "Beauty Boot Camp" where she spends 3 days with you in your own home, and makes over your closet, makeup routine, accompanies you to the hair salon.

Andy gave a talk at the Boston Women's Network dinner which I attend a few times a year. Since I am one of those "one-on-one" networkers, I made sure to sit at Andy's table and got to chat with her and the other women at our table over our dinner. The best part of Andy's presentation and philosophy is how she boosts women's self confidence and success, and also her commitment to helping women look their best without breaking the bank. Check out her tips on how to shop smart.

Lucky me, my name was drawn at the end of the night for an awesome set of Andy Paige makeup brushes - I've already used them a few times (with my new Joya Beauty makeup), and they are great!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Lisa & Family

I got to do a fun session for a family expecting their third child recently. A friend gave them a gift certificate for my session, which is always fun - they totally weren't planning on getting pictures, but I know they are going to love these. Most of us when we are expecting a baby can't help but focus on the prize at the end, but the pregnancy itself is also a momentous time in a family's life... in addition to the big beautiful belly, I love being able to document the sense of anticipation and emotional transition that accompanies pregnancy. It is so special to me to be able to show a family's relationships and emotional bonds, and provide them with photographs to remember the intricacies of these important life stages.

Kids in Print

I just received the current issue of Mothering Magazine, which used a few of my photos to illustrate their article about the benefits of school recess. So much fun to see our work in print, and in such a great magazine too! ~ Enna

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year....

We've had a couple of restful months off from shooting weddings, and now we're gearing up to get out and shoot again. It's looking to be a very busy year for us with a lot of exciting locations and really wonderful couples. We always send a planning kit to our wedding clients, and this year's packets are cool! They have a heat embossed G on the cover, and inside the folder is a lot of helpful stuff such as instructions on how to use Pictage, how to preserve and present professional photographs, make-up tips, and more!

Some cool additions to our gear bag to help us make this year's weddings better than ever:

GPS... this Garmin Nuvi is probably what we'll get, but if anyone has any other suggestions please let us know! The funny thing is, we've never been lost on the way TO a wedding, but we've gotten lost several times on our way home at the end of the night!

Nikon 17-55... this lens is sweet! It's wide enough to capture lots of activity in a small space (such as a bride getting dressed in a hotel room), but also zooms enough to get beautiful close-in portraits and details.

Here are some bathtime shots taken with the new lens:

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Business Boot Camp

Are you a professional photographer? Are you ready to take your business to the next level? I got the chance to meet Liana Lehman while in Las Vegas last week, and asked her if she would consider bringing her Business Boot Camp to Boston... she said heck yeah! Just sign up some photographers! If you are interested in this opportunity please email us and we'll provide you with a bit more information. dates tba, ~ stay tuned...

~ Enna

One Light

We are excited to be hosting a One Light Workshop, with Zack Arias. The workshop dates are July 10-11, 2007. You may learn more about the workshop and register by visiting the One Light website, above. Register early - seats are extremely limited!

Lodging options:
Taylor House Bed & Breakfast (walking distance)
Holiday Inn Brookline, Massachusetts (car or public transportation)

Please email us if you have any questions!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Baby Devin

I got to meet Baby Devin and her big brother the other day. She arrived just in time for spring! (Spring, are you listening? Where are you???) Look at the beautiful quilt that someone in daddy's office made for her. I love incorporating these details into the portraits.