Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Welcome Baby Sho!

Welcome Baby Sho! Check out Baby Sho’s gorgeous announcements! Sho’s mommy LOVES things from Paper Source, so she ordered some beatiful blue and gold paper to wrap around the announcement, which we had printed on pearl 5×7 cardstock.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Bank of ... America?

I just had to post my shock that Bank of America is now requiring people to leave their thumb print in order to cash a check. As I understand it, the only way to avoid this is to open an account with them. This freaks me out. Suddenly a state-issued drivers license is not enough? Or even my U.S. passport? SS card? Birth certifiacte? Really? We now need thumb prints to avoid check fraud? So Bank of America is having people either scan their thumb print, or ink it directly onto the check, so that the bank will have it, and if you ink it onto the check, the person whose check it is will have your print when the check is returned?! There's an interesting blog post about a court case against this policy here. We need to rename the bank. Bank of No Privacy? Bank of Communism? If your a Bank of America customer, consider what you are doing to the people you write checks to who may want to cash them there. Maybe just send cash. Maybe close your account(s) and give your money to someone else:)

Here's a blog post about students making false prints to fool computers for just $10. So for all those fighting for thumb print security, or think it's a safe way of doing things, read how easy it is to steal someone's print and use it.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Gretchen & Paul

Gretchen and Paul were so much fun to watch get married. I feel like we have been on this amazing run with grooms who are just besides themselves with the good fortune they have. All night Paul looked at Gretchen in total awe and love. And why wouldn't he? Gretchen is beautiful in every way! Their reception was held at the Ballroom Veronique and while it was brutally cold outside, they kept the night warm with their excitement:) Check out these cool images from the day...

Gretchen's mom was so fun to photograph, the excitement was eating her up!

I love this shot of Gretchen taken just before we left the hotel

I snuck to the back of the church quickly to get this cool shot of Paul anxiously awaiting the start of the ceremony

Gretchen through the church door window just before the ceremony

There was a moment during my own wedding ceremony I remember perfectly, and I had my eyes shut, I wonder if it's the same for Paul

This is the look I was talking about! Paul had it all night long. Nothing but pure love:)

Thank you Gretchen and Paul for inviting me to be such a part of your day! You are such a wonderful couple and I can not wait to get your album in your hands - it's going to be full of beautiful emotions:)

Spring 2009 & Photoshop World

Spring has hit Boston and we are loving the change of weather! Last week Photoshop World came to Boston and Enna and I were able to attend as exhibitors. I was helping out Lens pro To Go, an awesome local rental company that has some great things happening right now. Paul who owns LPTG is really an amazing guy who has something big on the horizon and I can't wait to blog more about him in the coming weeks (hint hint). Enna worked for Now I Lay Myself Down To Sleep, one of the most amazing photographic organizations in the world. What Enna, and all the other photographers do for NILMDTS is amazing. Also at the convention was RPG Keys, which meant our good friends Paul and Krystal from Studio Foto were coming to town, so we insisted they stay with us and we all had a blast hanging out for the week.

Here are some photos from the week:

Will loving not having to wear a winter coat

Let the battle over the stick begin!

Our neighbor Leo

Ollie hard at work making a mess

And the battle over the stick continues!

All of the following foto's were taken by Paul and Krystal

Enna at the trade show

I had no idea this photo was taken. I also have no idea what I was talking about but it must have been exciting:)

My new friend Tim (creator of RPG Keys) and I catching lunch

I dig this shot Krystal got of Paul in our living room

A fun portrait of us at the park by Paul

Wide Angle!!!!

Pizza night

Where's Matt?

Paul got this cool shot of me reading to the boys at bedtime

Ollie in the house!

Paul horsing around with Ollie

I put this shot in because you can see that my clothes are wet from falling in the stream. Yes, I had my camera on me and yes, it did go under:( Luckily nothing bad happened to me. I'm still waiting to hear from Nikon about the camera!

And the best for last. Ollie being stripped down from his muddy clothes before being allowed in the house. Awesome moment caught by Krystal!

We totally miss having you two in our house and hope you'll be back soon! It was a fun week hanging out together!

Much love
~Matt & Enna