Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Will's First Christmas

Here's a pic of Will's very favorite gift... he found it in the bottom of his Christmas stocking, and was perfectly content to gnaw on it through the whole morning.

Hmmmm.... shall I be naughty or shall I be nice...?

Ollie, meanwhile, tore through all the gifts like a fiend until he found this one from Grandpa Fred and Grandma Sue... thanks to some pretty crazy sound effects the fire engine wins not only the "Ollie's Favorite Christmas Gift" award, but also the "Most Annoying Sound Effects" award of the year (topping Grandma Grazier's Dancing Pengiuns, and her Easter Bunny Hatching a Singing Egg submissions to this category).

Here are a few more fun pictures from Christmas morning...

Ollie's new backpack from Aunt Cassandra and Uncle Takeshi (and his fake camera smile):

Ollie took this one:

And Will taking his new percussion instruments for a test drive: