Thursday, November 16, 2006

Let Me Eat Cake!

After a long year of dining on cheerios, rice, and chicken, and the occasional irresistable slice of wedding cake, I finally had surgery yesterday to remove my gall bladder. After Baby No. 2, I learned that I have gall bladder disease, which prevented me from comfortably eating any kind of fat or oil, or worst of all: WEDDING CAKE! It affects a surprising number of women after they have babies, though it affects men too.

Yesterday I finally learned what people talk about when they say that they "fell in love" with their anesthesiologist. Mine was aptly named Matt and offered cocktails aplenty along with good humor and warmth that completely put me at ease. The surgery is a very routine procedure, and fortunately I'm actually feeling pretty good already, but sssh don't tell Matt... I'm hanging out on the couch with movies and snacks and flowers and it's nice to be waited on like this!

- Enna