Friday, June 29, 2007

Will's First Haircut

We get our boys' hair cut at a neighborhood barbershop called Sal's.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

She's Here!

My cousin Keelin was the first of many June + July babies who we're waiting on... little Kelsey Clara was born last Wednesday and she is just perfect! She had a little bit of jaundice (thus the little white velcro taped to her forehead - that's for mini sunglasses while she got some light therapy), but now she's home and doing great!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

School's Out

I visited our preschool last week to make the teachers' portraits and take detail photos for the school yearbook (which is going to be a really fun project!). As I was leaving the school I noticed this flower sitting on a shelf in the window. It's shot through the window, which gives the image a slightly ethereal quality.
~ Enna

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Self Portrait with Cate and Brendan

This past Saturday I photographed Cate and Brendan's wedding at the Gedney Farm in the Bershires. They booked me a cabin in the woods with all their closet friends for the weekend and made me feel like part of the gang. Unfortunately I spent most of my time catching up on sleep... the bed was so comfy I just sank right into it! During the wedding, polaroids were available for guests to leave in the guest book and I just couldn't resist. Here is a fun shot of Cate and Brendan helping me with my self portrait. I can't wait to get their photos posted.

Friday, June 15, 2007

And Baby Makes 3

We photographed David and Elizabeth's wedding 2 years ago, and we caught up with them a few weeks ago to finalize their album order and photograph Baby Ava (these babies have a tendency to put other projects on hold!). Mommy couldn't stop gazing at her little sweetheart, and they were so much fun to photograph! I still remember the delicious cake from David and Elizabeth's wedding day... mmm, lemon...

Keelin and Her Family

My cousin Keelin has a beautiful family, and they are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of baby sister... she's due any day now... in fact, she could be having a baby as I type this! We spent Memorial Day with them and took some time to make portraits of everyone. I can't wait to meet their newest addition!

Will Power

For those of you who've noticed that we tend to neglect posting pictures of Will, here he is in all his bedhead glory, enjoying his breakfast: 3 bowls of cereal each morning!!! We'll post more of his first barbershop haircut soon...

At long last... Ollie's first game!

After getting rained out in April, missing the rescheduled rain game in May, Ollie and I finally got to attend a Red Sox game! I had another shirt made special for the occasion, and though it was very cold Ollie managed to show it off to our surrounding seatmates for the first few innings. Ollies favorite moments of the game, doing the wave, clapping and chanting "lets go Red Sox!", and hitting beach balls:) It was a tough game to watch as Becket lost his first start of the year, but we all enjoyed seeing Manny run for home.

Tonight's dinner:
1 chocolate rice crispie bar
1 bite of hot dog
1/2 bag cracker jax
1 large pretzel (no salt)
1 large chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream in a baseball cap cup

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Best moment of my day

Tonight as we were all reconnecting as a family after a very busy day, I pulled Ollie close and whispered, "I love you". And he told me emphatically: "Mommy, I love YOU!!!" It made my day.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Portfolio Reviews

Matt and I were flattered to be invited to review student portfolios at NESOP this week. We both LOVE reviewing work, and found that doing this together was a really fun experience - we left the reviews feeling refreshed and newly inspired to pursue opportunities to facilitate photographer education and help others develop their own artistic vision.

Although the purpose of the portfolio review day was for students to meet with studios about internship opportunities, Matt and I settled into a cozy artistic critique approach that probably probed a little deeper into the work than some of the students expected.

One photographer presented a delightful series of 2x3 inch images of the "lived in" landscape: yards, houses, fields and highways... the imagery was essentially found, but it was artfully composed in the camera frame. At first glance (due to the tiny size, perhaps) my reaction was to call these images "intimate"... but when I spent more time with them I realized that a more appropriate word for these images was "isolated". The familiar topic in each image (a home, a car, a window, a view, i.e. a 'destination') was always obscured by some object: a hedge, a wall, trees, power lines. So we encouraged this photographer to look for what was being obscured, to probe into her artistic vision with her camera (or a notepad and pencil). Matt and I truly believe that by exploring her artistic vision as deeply as possible she will be able to discover the power of what she can express and experience through photography.

The variety of artistic projects was impressive, and I could tell that these students come from all walks and are encouraged to pursue the art of making pictures that are from the heart.

Friday, June 01, 2007


This little girl's parents are SO in love with her - they were adorable to photograph! Scarlett's bedroom has to be the prettiest little girl's room I have ever seen. It's painted floor to ceiling with a beautiful mural of flowers, trees, fields, birds, and butterflies. I like birds, so put a photo of my favorite bird from her mural on the cover of the mini book that her parents are getting. They're going to love it!